Grinduro! 2019 Report

By Todd Munson

Matt and a trio of buddies hit the road to participate in the California Stop of Grinduro!

When a top 10 Paris-Roubaix finisher checks on your well being, that's probably a good sign you may have bitten off a little more than you can chew. 

To properly set the scene, do you remember in the original Rocky how there was a neighborhood Doo-wop group...


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By Eastside Co Support



Let’s Talk About Repetitive Strain Injuries

By Muriel Bartol

We spoke with Jay Palladino about preventing and treating repetitive strain injuries. Learn a little about how Sports Medicine Acupuncture has helped us deal with these types of injuries.

Today is Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day.

While you’re probably not reading this from your spot on an assembly line where you’re doing the same movement over and over again, office work (and even scrolling the ‘gram) can lead...


2018 Holiday Gift Guide

By Roxy Storm

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the holiday season! 

If you haven't visited our site since this time last year, or you're looking for a digital wishlist to share with those special people in your life who might be in the market to buy you a gift, we assembled a gift guide of some...


KENYA - Part 6

By muriel bartol

continued from Part 5

we woke up to an early morning overcast sky to find ourselves in an empty field on a hilltop with a view of the surrounding area, the sounds of birds and insects filling the air.